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Whyte Ridge is a small community situated in a prime location in southwest Winnipeg. Construction in this neighborhood commenced in the 1980s and was largely completed by the early 2000s. The housing options here are diverse, ranging from spacious bungalows to two-story standalone houses, and also encompassing some split-level homes like cabovers and by-levels. In recent years, there has been a rise in custom-designed luxury homes, especially near the lakeside plots, some even reaching the million-dollar mark in terms of valuation.

Whyte Ridge 是一个位于温尼伯西南优越地段的小型社区。社区建造始于1980年代并于2000年初完工。这里的房屋类型丰富多样,包括宽敞的平房和两层楼的独立屋,同时还有一些分层式房屋,如cabovers和by-levels。近年来,靠近湖边的地块上出现了一些定制设计的高端豪宅,有些甚至达到了百万级别的价值。

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