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If Richmond West is practically doorstep to the University of Manitoba, then Fort Richmond is its backyard, where you can stroll from your home to campus in just fifteen to twenty minutes. Nestled on the south side of the university, the Fort Richmond community features early constructions from the 1960s and 1970s, extending into the 1980s. The housing styles encompass a variety of bi-levels, bungalows, two-story, and multi-level buildings, naturally accommodating a substantial population of university staff and students.

With mature trees, lush lawns, wandering deer, and friendly residents, this community becomes a preferred haven for young scholars seeking education. The air is filled with intellectual pursuits, and the gardens are profound. Fort Richmond is certainly an affordable prime choice for you.

如果说Richmond West 社区出门就是曼大,那Fort Richmond简直就是曼大的后院,您只需步行十五至二十分钟就可以从家步入校园。Fort Richmond 社区位于曼大的南侧,早期建筑兴建于1960-1970年代,后续建设持续到80年代,房屋类型包括大量的bi-levels、平房、两层及多层建筑,这里自然居住着大量大学的教职员工及学生。

成年的大树,碧绿的草坪,林间漫步的小鹿,以及友善的居民,将这一社区打造成前来求学的年轻学子们的首选乐园。书香门第,庭院深深。Fort Richmond 一定是您负担得起的优选社区。

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