RE/MAX Commercial

A leader in Commercial and Investment Arenas

Elevating Real Estate Excellence in the Global Marketplace

RE/MAX Commercial, as a part of the world's most efficient real estate network, is renowned for its exceptional standing in the commercial and investment sectors. Regardless of the type of property or transaction, RE/MAX Commercial consistently provides a level of awareness, trust, and confidence that is unmatched by competitors. RE/MAX Professionals serves as the home for numerous commercial real estate agents, some of whom consistently rank at the top in Western Canada.

Built on a foundation of over 40 years of professionalism and customer focus, we deeply understand the long-term value of every transaction, regardless of its scale. RE/MAX has emerged as one of the most dynamic brands in the commercial sector, and the reason for continually expanding market share is evident—we achieve unparalleled results. At RE/MAX Professionals, we firmly believe that you should fully enjoy the benefits of your earned income.


RE/MAX Commercial,作为全球最高效房地产网络的一部分,以在商业和投资领域的卓越地位而闻名。无论是何种属性或交易,RE/MAX Commercial都能提供其他竞争对手无法比拟的认知、信任和信心水平。RE/MAX Professionals是众多商业房地产经纪人的归属地,其中一些一直在西加拿大地区的排名中居于前列。

 以超过40年的专业精神和客户关注为基础,我们深谙每项交易的长期价值,无论其规模大小。RE/MAX已经成为商业领域中最为活跃的品牌之一,不断扩大市场份额的原因不言而喻——我们取得了无与伦比的成果。在RE/MAX Professionals,我们坚信您应该充分享受所创造的收益。

The Commercial Difference at RE/MAX

  • RE/MAX brand recognition
  • Commercial tools and systems
  • Coverage for every property type
  • Freedom to work in any product category
  • Over 250,000 listings on
  • On-demand training
  • Market research reports
  • Customizable marketing collateral in the RE/MAX Design Center
  • Global referral network
  • Four RE/MAX Commercial
  • Practitioners have served as President of the CCIM Institute.
  • RE/MAX has the sixth highest number of CCIM designees in the industry.* 
  • RE/MAX has the most CCIM designees in Canada.*
  • RE/MAX executives are sought after experts, regularly making guest appearances in the national media and serving as consultants for Washington, D.C. policymakers    

 *According to the CCIM Institute which confers the CCIM designation

CCIM Commercial Real Estate's Global Standard for Professional Achievement 


  • RE/MAX品牌认可度
  • 商业工具和系统
  • 涵盖各类房地产属性
  • 自由选择任何产品类别
  • remaxcommercial.com上有超过250,000个房源
  • 实时随需进行培训
  • 市场研究报告
  • 在RE/MAX设计中心定制的营销物料全球转介网络
  • 四位RE/MAX商业从业者曾任CCIM研究所主席
  • RE/MAX在行业中拥有第六多的CCIM授予的“商业和投资房地产领域专家”*
  • RE/MAX在加拿大拥有最多的CCIM授予的“商业和投资房地产领域专家”* 
  • RE/MAX高管备受瞩目,经常在国家媒体上亮相,并担任华盛顿特区政策制定者的顾问