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Charleswood is located in the southwestern part of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The northern border of the community is adjacent to the Assiniboine River. Most of the residences were built in the 1960s and 1970s, featuring a variety of housing styles including bungalows, two-story houses, and some split-level homes. If you have a lovely dog, this could be a paradise for them. The community is closely situated to Assiniboine Forest and a leash-free dog park, providing a joyful place for residents and their furry friends to roam freely and enjoy the fresh air in the nearby woods. Moreover, it's common to spot wildlife, including deer, in your garden, adding unexpected delights to your daily life.

A diverse range of local residents, from young families to the elderly, call this place home. The environment in the community is peaceful and harmonious, where people coexist in harmony with wildlife and plants. The housing prices are relatively affordable, making it an ideal living space for families who appreciate being close to nature.

Charleswood 社区位于温尼伯市的南部偏西,北面与Assiniboine River相邻。大部分房屋建筑兴建于1960-1970年代,包括大量的平房、两层楼独立屋,以及一些错层式建筑。如果您家中有可爱的狗狗,这个社区可能是它们梦想的天堂。社区靠近Assiniboine Forest,同时拥有一个免绳狗公园,人们喜欢在那里与宠物自由奔跑,也可以在森林中散步,呼吸新鲜空气。此外,您的花园中经常能够看到野生动物,包括小鹿等,为您的生活增添了许多惊喜。


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  • The Assiniboine Forest
  • The Heart Trails
  • Fort White Alive