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I am a licensed real estate registrant with the MSC, and I hold memberships with CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association),  MREA (Manitoba Real Estate Association) and WRREB(Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board).  Additionally, I am affiliated with one of the most successful and top-producing real estate offices RE/MAX Professionals in Manitoba.

Drawing from my educational experiences in China and my hands-on business involvement in the construction industry, I am confident that I can bring a higher level of professionalism to assist you in handling your real estate transactions of buying or selling.

In addition, as a first-generation immigrant to Canada, I deeply understand the challenges and difficulties that newcomers face when searching for a new home. As the only Chinese-speaking realtor at RE/MAX Professionals, I am dedicated to providing a more personalized service for you and your family, empathizing with your unique needs, and incorporating this understanding into my daily work. My goal is to establish an effective bridge between you, your property, and our exceptional professional office.

Contact me anytime at 204-881-0168 

我是一名曼尼托巴省MSC注册的房地产经纪人,也是加拿大房地产协会(CREA)曼尼托巴房地产协会(MREA)以及温尼伯地区房地产委员会(WRREB)的成员。此外,我隶属于曼尼托巴省最成功和高产的房地产办公室之一RE/MAX Professionals


此外,作为加拿大的第一代移民,我深刻理解新移民在寻找新家时的困难和挑战。作为目前RE/MAX Professionals唯一的华人经纪,我将致力于通过为您和您的家人提供更为个性化的服务,感同身受的将我的服务落实到日常工作中去。希望能够为您和您的财产与优秀专业的办公室之间建立起一个有效的桥梁。

随时联系我 :204-881-0168


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