More about Stan Li (JIANZHONG)

Chinese friends prefer to call him Li Jianzhong, while Canadian friends find it more comfortable to address him as Stan Li.

Since 1996, Stan has been immersed in the fields of industrial and civil construction as well as real estate development at Beijing City University in China. He has honed his skills and expertise in the building energy efficiency industry, eventually establishing his own business specializing in building insulation materials for over 20 years. 

Born and raised in a traditional Beijing hutong, moving to Winnipeg signifies a fresh start and an exciting challenge for Stan. Fortunately, his wife, Shelley, not only shared his academic journey but also became his partner in the construction industry. Additionally, her family provided valuable insights into development, planning, architectural design, and structural design, enriching his practical experience.

Stan believes that a house represents more than just a significant investment, it encapsulates memories that span a lifetime. He encourages you to reach out without hesitation. With his guidance, you can embark on a new chapter. Welcome to the captivating and hospitable city of Winnipeg.




斯坦认为,一所房子代表的不仅仅是一项重大投资,也承载着许多美好的回忆。他鼓励您毫不犹豫地与他联系。在他的帮助下,您可以踏上新的征程,来到这个富有魅力而热情友好的城市 - 温尼伯。


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