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If you believe in Feng Shui, you'll naturally understand the harmony between East Fort Garry community and nature. Just like the University of Manitoba, situated in a similarly embraced position by the Red River in the north, and surrounded by lush greenery, this community, built in the 1940s and 1950s, resembles a series of picturesque canvases. With each step, you're greeted by an array of architectural styles that appear before you, leaving you amazed and enchanted. It's a place where you can't help but linger, repeatedly stopping to admire or even look back to marvel at the various styles that unexpectedly unfold. If you have a unique perspective on life and a remarkable understanding, this is undoubtedly your ideal home.

如果您相信风水,您自然会理解East Fort Garry 社区与自然的和谐相处之道。就像曼尼托巴大学一样,位于曼大北部被红河怀抱着的相似地理位置,加之绿树成茵的环绕,使得这个兴建于1940-1950年代的社区宛如一副副的油画镶嵌在丛林之中。让您每走一步都会被突然出现在眼前的各式风格的建筑惊艳到,让您不得不流连忘返,忍不住驻足脚步反复打量或回眸再次审视一番。如果您对生活有着独特的理解和不凡的认识,这里绝对是您理想的家园。

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