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The Most Affluent Neighbourhood in Winnipeg

The Tuxedo community is one of the wealthiest and home to a significant number of luxury residences in all of Winnipeg. Positioned 7 kilometers from both the city center and the airport, it forms a perfect equilateral triangle with these essential locales. The northern part of the community is closely bordered by the Assiniboine River, while its western edge blends with Assiniboine Park and its lush forests. This prime location hosts a wide array of custom-designed homes, resembling not just mere residences but often regarded as centennial pieces of art.

Finding an ideal home here is no simple task, as many properties are not openly listed on the market. Numerous homes undergo reconstruction and redesign based on specific requests following a transaction. It's worth noting that for real estate agents lacking extensive experience, navigating this area can present a formidable challenge.

燕尾服社区是全温尼伯最多豪宅也是最为富裕的社区之一。社区距离市中心和机场均为7公里,构成了一个完美的等边三角形。社区北部紧邻Assiniboine river,西侧与Assiniboine公园及森林接壤,绝佳的地理位置中分布着各式各样的定制住宅。可以说, 那不仅仅是一栋栋住宅,很多是可以被称为百年的艺术品。


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