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The River Heights community starts on the south bank of The Assiniboine River, close to the heart of Winnipeg. It is one of Winnipeg's oldest residential areas. The North River Heights, located near the south bank, was established between the 1900s and 1940s. Many century-old buildings with Victorian and Tudor styles are nestled along tree-lined streets, representing the ideal Canadian homes for many. In South River Heights, there are also many newer homes built in the 1950s and 1960s, including some bungalows. This area presents a great opportunity to live in this perfect neighborhood at affordable housing prices.

River Heights 社区位于Assiniboine River的南岸,毗邻温尼伯市中心,是温尼伯最古老的住宅区之一。紧邻南岸的 North River Heights 建立于1900至1940年代,许多维多利亚风格和都铎风格的百年老建筑点缀在绿树成荫的街道上,恰如许多人心中理想的加拿大家园。而在 South River Heights,您会发现更多兴建于1950-1960年代的更新建筑风格,包括一些平房。这里提供了一个难得的机会,在负担得起的房价下,拥有理想区域的完美居住体验。

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